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DINOSAUR NEWS BPL Jan.25th Churchill / Burns / Aussie

DINOSAUR NEWS Jan.11th.1815 Sir John Born in Scotland

WHITE PATRIOT WARRIORS: ” as long as I don’t have to sacrifice ” !!

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British Canadian & European Canadian blood , soaked into Our Shared Union Jack Flag , which proudly flies , at War Memorials , across Our Dominion of Canada .


Am too upset about the mass rapes, by the invaders, in our UK Motherland, to even comment.   Political Cells, legal, as outlined following, are the only way to go.  It is being said by some in “nationalist” circles that those who choose a legal “underground” are cowards, as the streets are still open to us ? What streets ? Whose streets ?  When White demos are kettled in like gold fish & when White demos cannot have total freedom of speech, then about time to face reality.  The streets are currently lost.  Legal political cells of PATRIOTS, such as legal UNDERGROUNDS throughout history (we say they are legal when no other choice) is all that is left.  What point is there in being targets for state surveillance videos, etc., etc., etc.  Those who choose the streets by all means.       This note is written as the stance of the BPL .        The Underground Patriots of WW2 were crucial to re-gaining freedom.       We are in a war like scenario.       War against our White Race   and   against our British Roots   wherever we dwell.       3 or more genuine Patriots,   clinking glasses ,   can declare themselves   a legal political cell ,   furthered by confidentiality ,   towards  FREEDOM  !!         { give  your  cell  a  ” password “  such as   ” Roger ” ,   ” Mary ” ,    whatever…. }   THROW EBOLA  (  sorta rhymes with Boa snake & Obama ?  ) THROW EBOLA INTO THE MIX :   NOW WHAT SAY YOU ??

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Truly Honoured by book dedication, published fresh: 2nd edition:  ” Facing The Abyss: by A.K. Chesterton ”    ” This second edition is dedicated to the British Canadian patriot, John Beattie ” .   I rest my case.


Gifts to:  British Peoples League made out to : John Beattie , P.O. Box 691, Minden, Ontario, Canada K0M2K0   ( you can of course mark “gift BPL” in memo section, if by cheque : best hassle-free, if concealed cash ) Internet money transfer to:  OR  PayPal ” DONATE “ right column.