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In 1885, John A. Macdonald told the House of Commons that, if the Chinese were not excluded from Canada, “the Aryan character of the future of British America should be destroyed …” This was the precise moment in the histories of Canada and the British Dominions when Macdonald personally introduced race as a defining legal principle of the state…Macdonald’s comments came as he justified an amendment taking the vote away from anyone “of Mongolian or Chinese race.” He warned that, if the Chinese (who had been in British Columbia as long as Europeans) were allowed to vote, “they might control the vote of that whole Province” and their “Chinese representatives” would foist “Asiatic principles,” “immoralities,” and “eccentricities” on the House “which are abhorrent to the Aryan race and Aryan principles.” He further claimed that “the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans or the Asiatics” and that “the cross of those races, like the cross of the dog and the fox, is not successful; it cannot be, and never will be.” For Macdonald, Canada was to be the country that restored a pure Aryan race to its past glory, and the Chinese threatened the  purity.

A Jewish man in Upstate NY was jailed on Monday for falsely reporting racist vandalism to police.Now, Andrew King, 54, of Schenectady, is facing a charge of Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree after police determined that he spray painted three swastikas on his home.

Exclusive: Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported – Reuters poll

TRUMP TO BUILD 30-FOOT-HIGH WALL AT MEXICAN BORDER……bids to build must be submitted by end of March !       

“”ZOG won’t collapse on its own. That is, it won’t collapse if people aware retreat to their own enclaves.”

This is true. I sometimes say that it’s inevitable that ZOG will collapse, but it only will if we do something to fight it. I believe that it is inevitable that people will fight it. The majority of those made aware of the problems and who the enemy is, will want to do something to fix the problems we’re facing. Those few who don’t, should be chastised and shamed for their lack of faith and conviction. Hopefully they too will then join us in the fight. In any case, I truly do believe that enough of us are fighting to ensure that this message is spread and that the required amount of people will join our movement to ensure victory. There are enough of us who are willing to do what is necessary to win” BORROWED QUOTE

Immigrant arrested by ICE after dropping daughter off at school, sending shockwaves through neighborhood   ( LA Times sob story )        3 CHEERS FOR ICE !!!!

Anti-Trump Communist Arrested For Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats

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Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms

Afghanistan-born Ontario doctor says he was questioned more than five hours at U.S. border  ( made my day !! )

” On this edition of Dinosaur News John invites Shaun (that’s me in the third person over there) to speak on his “Beattie Boy” meet ups. Shaun is going out of his way to slowly get the numbers up of LUDUS (Legal Underground Defense Units) so that we can start making a stand. It starts with 1, then 2, 3 and before you know it, it’s 300, but before any of that can happen, we need the good motivation of Beattie Boy and that’s exactly what we have here on WTFR… “
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” Hello John (Beattie);“Names have been changed to protect the innocent”, but it was like yesterday shouting White Power at the Canadian Constitutional Committee meeting in Vancouver. I recall the name, Mark (I won’t attempt the last name) was chairman, and those meetings led to the “great Charter” we have.l often wondered what happened to you. We lost Nicholas back in the eighties. He’s the one who led us to you.Sincerely
G. Reynolds “

” John Locke’s Spirit says:

Key point Beattie Boy: “if you can help….and….protect your job & family”!!!

I appreciate you eluding to your resume, and what people related to you “suffered” while you shouted truth beginning in the Mid-60’s.

I have an innumerable number of thoughts/objections/disgust daily as I listen to the present day Zionist Judeo-Christian World Order lie, deceive, bamboozle, propagandize, and outright march a STUPID world of white western sheep to kill for them, lie for them, compromise for them, like morons, thinking this is Christ’s Great Commission(to ‘convert’ the world, buy & sell world compliance through the excessive use of infinitely created fraudulent DEBT NOTES; but in reality enslave the world to a Jew World Order).

I have no patience anymore for unthinking white people, be they the dummies who gather many times a week at the ecumenical Churches(agents of the State, and history repeats itself again and again) to network for business dealings, or the shit-for-brains that still defend Bile and all his deliberately divisive moods meant only to cement into himself and his female boss a unearned income stream for talking shit like a true welfare queen and opportunistic scum.

You are inspiring: I too have taken public risks, and I am glad I did…but at this present time….although I a bucking hard at the gate, I cannot afford to be rounded up, locked up, which would leave my children fatherless, all because I am more than capable of speaking truth to power.

Be POSITIVE we’re out here, and we’re listening…my time will come…a script has been written before time for my journey; and although the elites may think they’ve got me(us) right where they want us, they should never forget that history proves, we ALWAYS win when our cause is just & righteous.

More frauds will fall away, their welfare funds will dry up, and more opportunistic suck and infiltrators will be exposed as well…I am confident the enemy will weaken itself, allowing for us to strike at the precise moment necessary for us to enjoy yet another lasting victory, and relieve untold millions of whites who have allowed distraction, selfishness, and the folly of various vices to occupy their time whilst they should’ve been paying attention and standing in the gap.

Keep broadcasting until you croak, we love hearing your perspective! “

” John,              You mention on your shows an underground network. Do you know if there are any in South Western England – kind of Somerset/ Bristol, or Wiltshire areas? ”          No time left for “schooling”. Gather in the Sheaves ! White Patriot ” in person face to face ” ALL CONFIDENTIAL. ” IN PERSON ” POLITICAL CONTACTS WANTED :  confidential: ALSO St.Louis Missouri / Farmington area (USA)++ Central Texas (Austin) area…….. & POLITICAL LADY IN WESTERN WASHINGTON STATE …………….ALSO request from 30ish man: White Patriot from CAIRNS, North Queensland, Australia & Hobart Tasmania areas// { A POLITICAL PATRIOT MEET-UP SERVICE ONLY ! } 

Criminal Code Canada DICTATORSHIP Hate Laws = Sections 318 & 319.  { in baseball there are curve balls…… }